About Us

The genesis of BPS, in its true spirits, lies in the dream and vision of Late S. Harbans Singh Cheema, a musician to the core and a disciple of the legendary Punjabi folk singer Jamla Jatt, was born in a humble farming family at village Kalakh in Ludhiana District. In search of better opportunities he migrated to Uttar Pardesh in mid-sixties, with no money in hand but determinations to succeed. He dared to cultivate a totally barren land, and with his vision and labour he turned that land into one of the most fertile lands in the central U.P. He worked with full vigor and rigor, and rose to become one of the most renowned farmers of the area. Alongside farming his other main obsession was social welfare and it was human call from within that fascinated him to constructively contribute to society.

A few of Sardar Harbans Singh's dreams were to provide quality education and medical facilities to one and all, even in the remotest possible village. He always insisted on educating each and every Indian for a more developed society and truly prosperous India. He even forcefully enrolled children of his farm labourers in the school, arguing that it is everyone's right to avail education regardless of their socio economic background.

It is his vision of "Educated India" that inspired us to open "Broadway" for students. It would be our true tribute and salute to Late Sardar Harbans Singh Cheema, if this "Broadway" succeeds in providing world class education to the students of the area and eventually in paving their way to promising careers.

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